Top Casinos in Hungary in 2017

Hungary isn’t a country that is often considered for its gambling and casinos, but it actually has some brilliant casinos that are worth visiting! Here are some of the best ones in the country.

Tropicana Casino

Tropicana Casino is located in Budapest, one of the most popular cities in the entire country. There is a vast range of games available within the casino, including table games, live games to watch and plenty of themed slot games too. The drinks at the bar within the casino are really low priced which is a bonus, and the general atmosphere of the casino is incredibly friendly.

Las Vegas Casino

Las Vegas Casino might be named after the gambling capital of the world, but gambling definitely isn’t taken as seriously in this casino as it is in the real Las Vegas. Here, gambling is more for enjoyment and entertainment- there aren’t many high rollers, and there’s a lot of young people who come here for a night out. The rules and regulations are relatively relaxed, including when it comes to the dress code, and there’s a very upbeat atmosphere which makes any time spent here enjoyable.

Orfeum Casino

You need to purchase tickets well in advance before visiting the Orfeum Casino- and when you visit, you’ll find that it’s so much more than just a casino! Your ticket not only covers the entry cost but also pays for a set dinner for you and the chance to view a cabaret style show too! So there is plenty to do aside from gambling while you’re in there, making it a venue full of entertainment. It’s a great place to visit for a night out!

Onyx Casino

With a unique name comes a unique casino, visited by a variety of different people. Always buzzing, and located in a hub of activity including clubs and restaurants, the Onyx Casino is a dark, mysterious looking casino in terms of its interior design. Classy and sophisticated, the people working the tables are all very helpful and educated in casino games and rules, and can also speak English which helps when it comes to translation.