Top Casinos in Croatia in 2017

Croatia is a great place to go on holiday if you’re looking to stay somewhere with a buzzing and vibrant nightlife. Restaurants in abundance, a whole host of nightclubs to choose from, not to mention the vast range of casinos the country has to offer too. If it’s a good night of gambling you’re after, you might want to visit some of these casinos that we consider to be the best in Croatia.

Platinum Casino

Platinum Casino is located in Split and is one of the best casinos in Croatia. With a luxurious exterior and a glamorous interior to match, everything about the casino- including the name- screams wealth. In this casino you’ll be mixing with the high rollers, so be prepared to splash your cash, and be ready to perhaps feel a little out of your depth.

Golden Sun Casino

The Golden Sun Casino is one of the most well-known casinos in the country, and there is actually three separate Golden Sun Casinos across the country. It is particularly favored by younger people who visit the country on a partying holiday. The inside still has a luxe feel to it in terms of interior design, but it’s a little more ‘jazzy,’ with multicolored neon lights and more current music playing to create that casino party feel.

Casino Hotel Mulino

Casino Hotel Mulino is a casino within a hotel (if the name hadn’t already made that obvious!), which makes it the perfect place to stay if you’re going on holiday to Croatia specifically with gambling in mind. You can gamble downstairs until the early hours of the morning without having to worry about how you’re getting home; your room is just upstairs!

Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik

This is another casino within a hotel- and a fancy hotel with a lot of posh facilities at that, including a hot tub and a spa. The casino is, as you can probably imagine, very glamorous and with a strict dress code of full suits for men and no sports shoes allowed. This is a casino for the high rollers, but it’s also a great casino to go to if you’re hoping to make some big wins, as there is a lot of cash available here!

Casino City

Located in central Croatia and surrounded by restaurants, night clubs, and bars, Casino City is a hub of activity. Upon entering the casino, you will notice that there is all kinds of people there for all sorts of reasons- beginners and professionals, couples and groups of friends, people playing for fun and people playing seriously. It’s a relatively relaxed casino with a fun atmosphere, so if you’re looking for a good laugh with old friends and new ones too, Casino City is a definite contender.