Rebuy Stars Automat Club Casino Zagreb

The Rebuy Stars Automat Club Casino in Zagreb, Croatia, is a lively and exciting nightclub-cum-casino in the center of the city. It is a popular tourist attraction, particularly with young people- more specifically, young men on boys holidays and stag do’s!

Once inside, you really pick up on the nightclub vibe of the building, even in the casino. Everything is relatively dark inside, with bright neon signs flashing, multicolored strobe lights highlighting certain areas on the casino floor, an exotic bar where you can buy expensive cocktails like the High Roller and meet glamorous ladies to join you at a table game or two and loud, dance music will fill your ears. It is definitely designed with young people in mind.

However, despite the fact that it is definitely a hubbub for tourists looking to make some extra holiday spending money, don’t be mistaken that this is a cheap place to spend the night. Rebuy Stars Automat Club Casino gets its fair share of celebrity guests and high rollers too. Don’t panic though- you won’t have to play against them, as more often than not they’re in their own private booths and at private tables that regular visitors to the casino aren’t allowed to use.

There is a decent quantity of slot machines and table games as it is a large casino, but because it is so popular and lively in nature, the casino is often extremely busy, particularly at weekends. It can be tricky to get to have a turn on the machines, and even harder to get a seat at a table, so it’s recommended to get down earlier on in the evening rather than later so that you’re not disappointed.

The dress code isn’t too strict, but you will need passport identification to get in and be able to play.