Reasons to Visit Hungary in 2017

The landlocked country of Hungary is nestled in Central Europe, surrounded by Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Serbia. This lovely little country is a must-see for any seasoned traveler who loves a bit of culture and relaxation…and isn’t bothered about a beach vacation. Need more persuading? Here are reasons why you need to visit Hungary in 2017…

You can visit Budapest

When you think of Hungary…you think of Budapest. Hungary’s capital city is a gold mine for travelers, and many have fallen in love with this little European gem. Budapest is most famous for its thermal spas – especially the Gellert spa. These thermal baths are Budapest’s’ main attraction, and the naturally heated baths have warmed thousands of visitors. Gellert’s main selling point, though, is it’s ‘Sparty’s.’ When the baths close at 10 pm, the Baths turn into one big spa party, with music, lights, and dancing. Where do we sign up?

Try Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian cuisine is a European delight and is unlike any other countries in Europe. Many have often said that Hungarian food tastes like a mix of French and Chinese, with a little bit of an added extra to it. But if you want to try true Hungarian delicacies, you need to try their Kürtőskalács – or chimney cake. This cake was created in the 15th Century as a cake for the Royals, and the sugary goodness has since been passed down. If you don’t fancy a chimney cake, why not try a Beigli? These sweet bread rolls are filled with walnut paste or poppy seeds and are super yummy.

Take in the architecture

Hungary is known for being one of the most architecturally diverse countries in Europe. Walking the streets of Hungary, you will see so many different styles of buildings you won’t know what century you landed in. With medieval townhouses, baroque churches, Roman ruins, art nouveau thermal spas and neoclassical buildings…you’ll definitely need to charge up your camera. A definite must-see is Buda Castle in Budapest…as it really is a sight to behold.

Enjoy the nightlife

If you’re up for a good night out on the town, Hungary will not let you down. With thousands of bars, underground watering holes and nightclubs, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you fancy taking the night even further, why not try your hand at gambling? In 2013, the Hungarian government introduced changes to its rules on gambling, meaning gambling and casinos have since become all the rage, and their casinos have got bigger and better.

Take in the culture

If you’re going to Hungary, you need to take in its culture…it’s folk culture. Hungary has a rich folk history that is still going strong today. Whether you choose to watch the women of Hollóköko embroider their smocks and slippers, visit the folk paintings of the wooden churches in the Boreg region, or listen to the traditional folk music through the streets, understanding a little more about Hungary’s history and culture is a must.

Take a dip in the largest lake in Europe

Hungary is home to the Balaton – the largest lake in Europe. In the summer months, Hungarian natives flock to this lake to soak up some sun and dip their toes in the cool water. If you take a trip to Hungary, the Balaton and its neighboring towns can provide a welcome release to the cities, and will show you the true country living.

Visit Margaret Island

Margaret Island was once called the Island of Rabbits and is an unknown gem to the tourist industry. This island is filled with medieval ruins, luscious gardens, swimming pools and even a zoo, and is mostly filled with Hungarian locals. This island is perfect for a stroll away from the city and bright lights. If you go in the summer…you’ll be able to attend the Budapest Summer Festival on Margaret Island.

View stunning scenery

The best part about traveling is getting lost. If you get lost in Hungary, you’re sure to find stunning views along the way. As you pass over cobbled pathways and ancient walls you can take in exactly what Hungary has to offer. If you’re looking for the perfect photo-opportunity, travel to the Rozsadomb neighborhood…you won’t regret it.


Hungary is a definite contender for anyone’s travel list and is a country you need to experience in your lifetime. With its rich history and picture-perfect architecture, the country has a perfect mix of culture and fun. Where else can you walk through ancient ruins and then party in a thermal spa? Only in Hungary.