Reasons to Visit Croatia in 2017

The Republic of Croatia is located between the Mediterranean, Central Europe and Southeast Europe, and neighbors Slovenia and Hungary. Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destinations for visitors from across the globe and has become the backdrop for major productions such as Game of Thrones.Want to know why? Here are the reasons you should visit Croatia in 2017…

The weather

The weather in Croatia, just like the whole of central Europe, is very constant. It is one of the sunniest regions of Europe and has scorching spring and summer seasons and mild winters. What more could you want? Warm weather is a given and lasts for most of the year. In the summer, the days are lighter, and you can often find that there will be around 12 hours of daylight in the day.So you have plenty of time to explore what Croatia’s famous and picturesque pebble beaches and check out the real life Meereen…

Explore Croatia’s national parks

Croatia is famous for its incredible landscape and beautiful national parks. There are eight national parks scattered around the country, and they all present Croatia’s natural beauty at its finest. With gorgeous in-your-face greenery, the plants and trees will create a lovely cover as you take a dip in the UNESCO-listed lakes and waterfalls, where you can see Croatia’s  stunning clear turquoise water. These other-worldly parks will no doubt leave you feeling in awe.

Have a great night out

As well as having incredibly natural beauty, Croatia’s casino business is booming. The industry has made great strides in the last few years, and you definitely can’t visit Croatia without visiting their casinos. The bustling casinos provide an exciting release from the quaint feel of Croatia and are perfect for letting loose on vacation. Although fairly small, the casinos will provide you with all of the games you could need for a night of gambling. The Croats’ favorite games are Roulette (the European version, of course) and European blackjack (again, obviously) and so you will find these tables take prominence in their casinos. Why not have a go?

They have the best music festivals

Croatia is known for their incredible music festivals, and festival-goers travel from all around the world to visit these one-of-a-kind experiences. Huge DJ’s and musicians head the line-ups of these festivals, and tickets sell out fast. The location is also a big seller. These festivals happen right in the midst of nature, and you can even listen to your favorite bands in the national parks. A music festival beside a waterfall? Yes, please. Festivals such as Hideout, Fresh Island Festival and Ultra Europe are the most famous, and thousands flock each year to experience them.

Because you can visit Dubrovnik

If you’re going to travel to Croatia, you have to travel to Dubrovnik. This medieval walled city is a must-see for all travelers, and is a popular destination for everyday travelers and celebrities alike The wall that surrounds the Old Town was built in the 15th century and provides the most idyllic walking tour, allowing you to walk on the top of the wall, looking down on the fortress, the cobbled streets, and the Adriatic sea.

Taste Croatian delicacies

Croatia is most famous for its delicious wine. Because of its warm climate, Croatia has perfect weather to grow regional and indigenous grapes that produce high-quality wine…but for half the price. Equally as delicious is the Croatian food. The Croats pride themselves on their fresh produce and use fresh fruits and vegetables with each meal. Their food has a very mediterranean feel to it, but with a slight twist. If you’re looking to try a true Croatian delicacy, try their Pag Sheep’s cheese. The spray from the sea spreads its salt into the vegetation, and that flavor is then infused into the sheep’s milk. It’s delicious.

Take in Croatia’s history

Along with Dubrovnik’s walls, the whole country is steeped in history, and the orange terracotta roofs have so many stories to tell.  If you visit the remains of Diocletian’s Palace, in Split, you’ll see why Game of Thrones decided to film there. With its ancient ruins, temples, broken walls and Roman cellar’s, you’ll feel like you have walked back into the Roman era. A definite must-see.

If you haven’t picked out your next vacation destination yet…make it Croatia. With history, beauty and fun, Croatia is the best kinds of vacation rolled into one. So why not take a trip over to Europe?