Reasons to Visit the Baranja Region in Hungary/Croatia

Baranja, a region of the world that isn’t so common to everyone as you would think it would be- once you hear all that it has to offer the world! Located in the North-East of Croatia, the region is rich in culture; in fact, it’s rich in several different cultures. It’s a truly beautiful place to visit, but if you’re after reasons with a little more depth, well- here’s exactly why you should visit the Baranja Region for yourself!

The varied cultures

While the Baranja Region is located in the North-East of Croatia, it’s not just Croats and Croatian culture that you’ll come across; you’ll also come across Hungarians, Serbians, and even some Germans too. If you want diversity and the chance to experience people from all walks of life in one small place, the Baranja Region is definitely a place that you need to visit.

The wildlife

Not only is Baranja Region hugely multicultural in terms of its population, but there is also a hugely diverse range of wildlife to live amongst too. On a trip to the region, you can expect to see a selection of birds from over 290 different species that reside there, various breeds of wild deer and boar, foxes and other wild woodland animals that you probably wouldn’t see at home.

The scenery

The Baranja Region is truly a gorgeous place to be. There is a huge nature reserve, the Kopacki rit Nature Park, which is just one of the many places you can visit to see the extensive wildlife up close and personal, as well as the mouth of the Danube river and also of the Druva river too. On any visit to the region, you’ll really want to take some treks to take in the surroundings properly and appreciate them.

The wine

Good wine has been produced in the Baranja Region since the Roman times and has continued to be produced there ever since. The wine is of an excellent quality, and the oldest vineyard goes back to the 1500’s! You can take tours around the vineyards, go to wine tasting sessions or just have a nice glass or two with your evening meal.