Las Vegas Casino Tropicana Hungary

There are two Las Vegas Casinos in Budapest; the Tropicana is the larger of the two. It’s one of the most secure casinos you could possibly try to get into! You aren’t just required to show some photo ID, such as a driving license, to show proof of age. Instead, you need a passport showing that your citizenship before having your photo taken and an ID card made for you while you’re left to fill in some forms to become a casino member. Once this has all been done, you may enter the casino free of charge!

The casino is large and full of a vast range of games to choose from, but it is very rarely rammed full of visitors; probably due in part to the level of difficulty it takes to get in! However, fewer people in the casino means you’re more likely to get to play whatever games you like, and you’ll also find that the staff are more attentive and on the ball as a result of this too. There are also plenty of lovely casino cocktails and food on offer.

In comparison to a lot of other casinos, Las Vegas Casino Tropicana is a little on the basic side. It offers the standard casino games in the standard format- there isn’t anything different or unique about them, no personal touches added by Las Vegas Casino. However, one massive advantage to the casino is that it’s open for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can pop into the casino whenever you like for a game, be that after breakfast on a lads holiday or in the evening for a sophisticated night of gambling, 007 style!

Located in the center of the city of Budapest, the casino sees a lot of regular faces and also a lot of tourists too- particularly because it is available 24/7. It’s location is good, though, as it means it’s highly accessible and you can use public transport to get there, meaning that if you choose to have a drink or two while you play, you don’t need to worry about getting home safely.