Golden Sun Casino Croatia

Fancy a holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia? If you do, you must be sure to pay a visit to one of the most popular casinos there, the Golden Sun Casino. The casino offers a great variety of slot games from 2 pm until 4 am and table games from 8 pm until 4 am every single day, so visitors to the casino get over 12 hours of playing time made available to them!

There’s not exactly a shortage of games in the casino either! The Golden Sun Casino has over 60 slot machines as well as 13 different table games, including the likes of poker, roulette, Texas Hold ‘Em and much more. These figures might not sound like much when compared to major casino’s in places such as London or Vegas, but they’re very generous figures for a casino in a small Croatian city.

There’s always a generous jackpot on the go and the chance to win lots of money- however, make sure that if you do make a big win, the casino deal you out the correct cash prize and don’t try to adjust the rates of play or anything like that that might leave you coming home with less than you should.

Unlike casino’s in the UK, smoking is allowed within the Golden Sun Casino which is very advantageous for players that smoke- no more time wasted going outside for cigarette breaks, you can just smoke as you play.

Handily, the casino is actually located within the Golden Sun Hotel, meaning that if you are staying in Dubrovnik, you won’t have to look far for a place of entertainment; stay in the Golden Sun Hotel, and you’ll have a casino just downstairs! However, despite this factor, the casino is very popular with locals of Dubrovnik! If you do make a visit to the Golden Sun Casino, be prepared to feel a little bit like an intruder- the casino has a lot of regulars who aren’t necessarily welcoming from the get go, but give it a few minutes or so and they’ll soon warm up to you! Gambling in a social activity and the locals are all very friendly really; you’ll be making new friends (and competitors!) in no time!