Rebuy Stars Automat Club Casino Zagreb

The Rebuy Stars Automat Club Casino in Zagreb, Croatia, is a lively and exciting nightclub-cum-casino in the center of the city. It is a popular tourist attraction, particularly with young people- more specifically, young men on boys holidays and stag do’s!

Once inside, you really pick up on the nightclub vibe of the building, even in the casino. Everything is relatively dark inside, with bright neon signs flashing, multicolored strobe lights highlighting certain areas on the casino floor, an exotic bar where you can buy expensive cocktails like the High Roller and meet glamorous ladies to join you at a table game or two and loud, dance music will fill your ears. It is definitely designed with young people in mind.

However, despite the fact that it is definitely a hubbub for tourists looking to make some extra holiday spending money, don’t be mistaken that this is a cheap place to spend the night. Rebuy Stars Automat Club Casino gets its fair share of celebrity guests and high rollers too. Don’t panic though- you won’t have to play against them, as more often than not they’re in their own private booths and at private tables that regular visitors to the casino aren’t allowed to use.

There is a decent quantity of slot machines and table games as it is a large casino, but because it is so popular and lively in nature, the casino is often extremely busy, particularly at weekends. It can be tricky to get to have a turn on the machines, and even harder to get a seat at a table, so it’s recommended to get down earlier on in the evening rather than later so that you’re not disappointed.

The dress code isn’t too strict, but you will need passport identification to get in and be able to play.


Reasons to Visit the Baranja Region in Hungary/Croatia

Baranja, a region of the world that isn’t so common to everyone as you would think it would be- once you hear all that it has to offer the world! Located in the North-East of Croatia, the region is rich in culture; in fact, it’s rich in several different cultures. It’s a truly beautiful place to visit, but if you’re after reasons with a little more depth, well- here’s exactly why you should visit the Baranja Region for yourself!

The varied cultures

While the Baranja Region is located in the North-East of Croatia, it’s not just Croats and Croatian culture that you’ll come across; you’ll also come across Hungarians, Serbians, and even some Germans too. If you want diversity and the chance to experience people from all walks of life in one small place, the Baranja Region is definitely a place that you need to visit.

The wildlife

Not only is Baranja Region hugely multicultural in terms of its population, but there is also a hugely diverse range of wildlife to live amongst too. On a trip to the region, you can expect to see a selection of birds from over 290 different species that reside there, various breeds of wild deer and boar, foxes and other wild woodland animals that you probably wouldn’t see at home.

The scenery

The Baranja Region is truly a gorgeous place to be. There is a huge nature reserve, the Kopacki rit Nature Park, which is just one of the many places you can visit to see the extensive wildlife up close and personal, as well as the mouth of the Danube river and also of the Druva river too. On any visit to the region, you’ll really want to take some treks to take in the surroundings properly and appreciate them.

The wine

Good wine has been produced in the Baranja Region since the Roman times and has continued to be produced there ever since. The wine is of an excellent quality, and the oldest vineyard goes back to the 1500’s! You can take tours around the vineyards, go to wine tasting sessions or just have a nice glass or two with your evening meal.


Top Casinos in Hungary in 2017

Hungary isn’t a country that is often considered for its gambling and casinos, but it actually has some brilliant casinos that are worth visiting! Here are some of the best ones in the country.

Tropicana Casino

Tropicana Casino is located in Budapest, one of the most popular cities in the entire country. There is a vast range of games available within the casino, including table games, live games to watch and plenty of themed slot games too. The drinks at the bar within the casino are really low priced which is a bonus, and the general atmosphere of the casino is incredibly friendly.

Las Vegas Casino

Las Vegas Casino might be named after the gambling capital of the world, but gambling definitely isn’t taken as seriously in this casino as it is in the real Las Vegas. Here, gambling is more for enjoyment and entertainment- there aren’t many high rollers, and there’s a lot of young people who come here for a night out. The rules and regulations are relatively relaxed, including when it comes to the dress code, and there’s a very upbeat atmosphere which makes any time spent here enjoyable.

Orfeum Casino

You need to purchase tickets well in advance before visiting the Orfeum Casino- and when you visit, you’ll find that it’s so much more than just a casino! Your ticket not only covers the entry cost but also pays for a set dinner for you and the chance to view a cabaret style show too! So there is plenty to do aside from gambling while you’re in there, making it a venue full of entertainment. It’s a great place to visit for a night out!

Onyx Casino

With a unique name comes a unique casino, visited by a variety of different people. Always buzzing, and located in a hub of activity including clubs and restaurants, the Onyx Casino is a dark, mysterious looking casino in terms of its interior design. Classy and sophisticated, the people working the tables are all very helpful and educated in casino games and rules, and can also speak English which helps when it comes to translation.


Top Casinos in Croatia in 2017

Croatia is a great place to go on holiday if you’re looking to stay somewhere with a buzzing and vibrant nightlife. Restaurants in abundance, a whole host of nightclubs to choose from, not to mention the vast range of casinos the country has to offer too. If it’s a good night of gambling you’re after, you might want to visit some of these casinos that we consider to be the best in Croatia.

Platinum Casino

Platinum Casino is located in Split and is one of the best casinos in Croatia. With a luxurious exterior and a glamorous interior to match, everything about the casino- including the name- screams wealth. In this casino you’ll be mixing with the high rollers, so be prepared to splash your cash, and be ready to perhaps feel a little out of your depth.

Golden Sun Casino

The Golden Sun Casino is one of the most well-known casinos in the country, and there is actually three separate Golden Sun Casinos across the country. It is particularly favored by younger people who visit the country on a partying holiday. The inside still has a luxe feel to it in terms of interior design, but it’s a little more ‘jazzy,’ with multicolored neon lights and more current music playing to create that casino party feel.

Casino Hotel Mulino

Casino Hotel Mulino is a casino within a hotel (if the name hadn’t already made that obvious!), which makes it the perfect place to stay if you’re going on holiday to Croatia specifically with gambling in mind. You can gamble downstairs until the early hours of the morning without having to worry about how you’re getting home; your room is just upstairs!

Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik

This is another casino within a hotel- and a fancy hotel with a lot of posh facilities at that, including a hot tub and a spa. The casino is, as you can probably imagine, very glamorous and with a strict dress code of full suits for men and no sports shoes allowed. This is a casino for the high rollers, but it’s also a great casino to go to if you’re hoping to make some big wins, as there is a lot of cash available here!

Casino City

Located in central Croatia and surrounded by restaurants, night clubs, and bars, Casino City is a hub of activity. Upon entering the casino, you will notice that there is all kinds of people there for all sorts of reasons- beginners and professionals, couples and groups of friends, people playing for fun and people playing seriously. It’s a relatively relaxed casino with a fun atmosphere, so if you’re looking for a good laugh with old friends and new ones too, Casino City is a definite contender.


Grand Casino Debrecen, Hungary

Welcome to Hungary’s second-largest city, Debrecen. A city of huge cultural significance, and an epicentre of the Hungarian economy. Debrecen is popular with tourists all year round, and there is much to enjoy. One of the biggest attractions in Debrecen is the astounding Grand Casino that opened in 2014. The huge and fittingly named casino employs 800 people and is one of the great attractions in Debrecen.

Visiting a casino is an experience everyone should have at some point in their life. There are online casinos that anyone can use easily from home. But, going to a land-based casino is a really special experience. So, what exactly does the Grand Casino in Debrecen have to offer you?


The first thing you should know about this casino is that it is a modern and sophisticated establishment. The casino has added some verve and appeal to the centre of Debrecen, and offers visitors stylish entertainment. Whatever day of the week you get the gambling bug, this casino is fully kitted out for all your casino needs. With a great selection of games, a fully stocked bar and restaurant, and attentive casino staff, this is the perfect venue to while away the hours. And, it helps that it’s one of the more affordable casinos as well.


Just the process of visiting a casino that doesn’t exist on your computer screen is experience enough. And that certainly helps when checking out land-based casinos like this one. The good news about the Grand is that it’s so new, so they have gone to great lengths to understand what a modern audience is after. This is much more than simply a gambling experience; it’s a life experience and one that will appeal to the maverick in you. What are you waiting for? The Grand Casino is lying in wait for you, and it’s begging to be discovered.


There are regular casino games, and then there are Grand Casino games, and these are games with a difference. Sure, you may have heard of them all before,. But you’ve not experienced them in this casino. You can’t set foot in a casino without trying out some of their table Poker. There’s also American Roulette, Blackjack, and slot machines. But, as an extra, the casino also offers players Punto Banco, Electronic Roulette, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em too!


Simply visiting the gallery at Grand Casino’s website will give you an idea of the sheer visual punch this casino packs. It’s sleek and elegant looking, and certainly somewhere you could disappear into. Opulence and decadence are here in abundance, and you can lose yourself in harmony. Forget what you think you know about casinos, this is the only casino you need to bother with. And it’s one of the most handsome you’re likely to lay eyes on.  


Casino Sopron, Hungary

When you travel around Europe, it’s sometimes important to think about experiencing land-based casinos. Sure, online casinos are much more commonplace and popular these days. But, sometimes it’s nice to actually experience a land-based casino for a bit of legitimacy. The experience is quite different, and it’s something that you need to take part in.

So, if you’re in Hungary, you should make sure check out what they have to offer you. There are several land-based casinos in Hungary, but one of the best-known and most renowned ones is Casino Sopron. This is a casino you should check out and experience as soon as you can. Here is our review of this land-based casino, and what it can offer you as a punter.


This is a casino founded in 1989, and it has become one of the best casinos in Hungary. Set in a wonderful location, this is a perfect casino for locals and tourists alike, and you can also take in the wonderful town of Loverek while you’re there. The casino contains a great range of games, both slots, and table games, as well as a well-stocked bar full of great refreshments. If you want to enjoy an amazing and unique casino experience, this is certainly the right choice for you. Sopron Casino is just waiting to be discovered; get online and take the virtual tour right now.


The experience of playing at this casino is something so much more than you could hope to get online. The experience of entering a land-based casino to make your fortune is much more immersive than sitting in front of your computer and playing online. It’s a wonderful experience, with a diverse range of games, a great bar, and attentive employees and hostesses to help you enjoy your stay as much as possible. You want to get the full experience from your time at the casino, and this is something that Sopron certainly offers you, in spades!


There are plenty of games on offer at this casino, and these include all the usual suspects. Think about the most popular and exciting casino games - they are all on offer here. Blackjack, the most popular of all casino games, can be played at Sopron. Roulette is incredibly easy to learn and will inject some excitement into your gambling. Texas Hold’em, of course, is the perfect combination of skill and chance, and you could spend hours having epic games. And, there are also, of course, loads of amazing video slots to choose from as well. The selection of games here is so much fun, and you’d be remiss not to try them all out as soon as you can.


One of the great strengths of this casino is its wonderful visual aesthetic. There is a gallery on their website showing pictures of the casino and surrounding area. It looks sleek, smart, and contemporary, and we’re sure you’ll agree, it looks like a place you want to visit. So many casinos can look nondescript, but Sopron has some interesting and striking architecture. We definitely think the visuals, both internal and external, help to make this an attractive choice for visitors.  


Reasons to Visit Hungary in 2017

The landlocked country of Hungary is nestled in Central Europe, surrounded by Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Serbia. This lovely little country is a must-see for any seasoned traveler who loves a bit of culture and relaxation…and isn’t bothered about a beach vacation. Need more persuading? Here are reasons why you need to visit Hungary in 2017…

You can visit Budapest

When you think of Hungary…you think of Budapest. Hungary’s capital city is a gold mine for travelers, and many have fallen in love with this little European gem. Budapest is most famous for its thermal spas - especially the Gellert spa. These thermal baths are Budapest’s’ main attraction, and the naturally heated baths have warmed thousands of visitors. Gellert’s main selling point, though, is it’s ‘Sparty’s.’ When the baths close at 10 pm, the Baths turn into one big spa party, with music, lights, and dancing. Where do we sign up?

Try Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian cuisine is a European delight and is unlike any other countries in Europe. Many have often said that Hungarian food tastes like a mix of French and Chinese, with a little bit of an added extra to it. But if you want to try true Hungarian delicacies, you need to try their Kürtőskalács - or chimney cake. This cake was created in the 15th Century as a cake for the Royals, and the sugary goodness has since been passed down. If you don’t fancy a chimney cake, why not try a Beigli? These sweet bread rolls are filled with walnut paste or poppy seeds and are super yummy.

Take in the architecture

Hungary is known for being one of the most architecturally diverse countries in Europe. Walking the streets of Hungary, you will see so many different styles of buildings you won’t know what century you landed in. With medieval townhouses, baroque churches, Roman ruins, art nouveau thermal spas and neoclassical buildings…you’ll definitely need to charge up your camera. A definite must-see is Buda Castle in Budapest…as it really is a sight to behold.

Enjoy the nightlife

If you’re up for a good night out on the town, Hungary will not let you down. With thousands of bars, underground watering holes and nightclubs, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you fancy taking the night even further, why not try your hand at gambling? In 2013, the Hungarian government introduced changes to its rules on gambling, meaning gambling and casinos have since become all the rage, and their casinos have got bigger and better.

Take in the culture

If you’re going to Hungary, you need to take in its culture…it’s folk culture. Hungary has a rich folk history that is still going strong today. Whether you choose to watch the women of Hollóköko embroider their smocks and slippers, visit the folk paintings of the wooden churches in the Boreg region, or listen to the traditional folk music through the streets, understanding a little more about Hungary’s history and culture is a must.

Take a dip in the largest lake in Europe

Hungary is home to the Balaton - the largest lake in Europe. In the summer months, Hungarian natives flock to this lake to soak up some sun and dip their toes in the cool water. If you take a trip to Hungary, the Balaton and its neighboring towns can provide a welcome release to the cities, and will show you the true country living.

Visit Margaret Island

Margaret Island was once called the Island of Rabbits and is an unknown gem to the tourist industry. This island is filled with medieval ruins, luscious gardens, swimming pools and even a zoo, and is mostly filled with Hungarian locals. This island is perfect for a stroll away from the city and bright lights. If you go in the summer…you’ll be able to attend the Budapest Summer Festival on Margaret Island.

View stunning scenery

The best part about traveling is getting lost. If you get lost in Hungary, you’re sure to find stunning views along the way. As you pass over cobbled pathways and ancient walls you can take in exactly what Hungary has to offer. If you’re looking for the perfect photo-opportunity, travel to the Rozsadomb neighborhood…you won’t regret it.


Hungary is a definite contender for anyone’s travel list and is a country you need to experience in your lifetime. With its rich history and picture-perfect architecture, the country has a perfect mix of culture and fun. Where else can you walk through ancient ruins and then party in a thermal spa? Only in Hungary.



Reasons to Visit Croatia in 2017

The Republic of Croatia is located between the Mediterranean, Central Europe and Southeast Europe, and neighbors Slovenia and Hungary. Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destinations for visitors from across the globe and has become the backdrop for major productions such as Game of Thrones.Want to know why? Here are the reasons you should visit Croatia in 2017…

The weather

The weather in Croatia, just like the whole of central Europe, is very constant. It is one of the sunniest regions of Europe and has scorching spring and summer seasons and mild winters. What more could you want? Warm weather is a given and lasts for most of the year. In the summer, the days are lighter, and you can often find that there will be around 12 hours of daylight in the day.So you have plenty of time to explore what Croatia’s famous and picturesque pebble beaches and check out the real life Meereen…

Explore Croatia’s national parks

Croatia is famous for its incredible landscape and beautiful national parks. There are eight national parks scattered around the country, and they all present Croatia’s natural beauty at its finest. With gorgeous in-your-face greenery, the plants and trees will create a lovely cover as you take a dip in the UNESCO-listed lakes and waterfalls, where you can see Croatia’s  stunning clear turquoise water. These other-worldly parks will no doubt leave you feeling in awe.

Have a great night out

As well as having incredibly natural beauty, Croatia’s casino business is booming. The industry has made great strides in the last few years, and you definitely can’t visit Croatia without visiting their casinos. The bustling casinos provide an exciting release from the quaint feel of Croatia and are perfect for letting loose on vacation. Although fairly small, the casinos will provide you with all of the games you could need for a night of gambling. The Croats’ favorite games are Roulette (the European version, of course) and European blackjack (again, obviously) and so you will find these tables take prominence in their casinos. Why not have a go?

They have the best music festivals

Croatia is known for their incredible music festivals, and festival-goers travel from all around the world to visit these one-of-a-kind experiences. Huge DJ’s and musicians head the line-ups of these festivals, and tickets sell out fast. The location is also a big seller. These festivals happen right in the midst of nature, and you can even listen to your favorite bands in the national parks. A music festival beside a waterfall? Yes, please. Festivals such as Hideout, Fresh Island Festival and Ultra Europe are the most famous, and thousands flock each year to experience them.

Because you can visit Dubrovnik

If you’re going to travel to Croatia, you have to travel to Dubrovnik. This medieval walled city is a must-see for all travelers, and is a popular destination for everyday travelers and celebrities alike The wall that surrounds the Old Town was built in the 15th century and provides the most idyllic walking tour, allowing you to walk on the top of the wall, looking down on the fortress, the cobbled streets, and the Adriatic sea.

Taste Croatian delicacies

Croatia is most famous for its delicious wine. Because of its warm climate, Croatia has perfect weather to grow regional and indigenous grapes that produce high-quality wine…but for half the price. Equally as delicious is the Croatian food. The Croats pride themselves on their fresh produce and use fresh fruits and vegetables with each meal. Their food has a very mediterranean feel to it, but with a slight twist. If you’re looking to try a true Croatian delicacy, try their Pag Sheep’s cheese. The spray from the sea spreads its salt into the vegetation, and that flavor is then infused into the sheep’s milk. It’s delicious.

Take in Croatia’s history

Along with Dubrovnik’s walls, the whole country is steeped in history, and the orange terracotta roofs have so many stories to tell.  If you visit the remains of Diocletian’s Palace, in Split, you’ll see why Game of Thrones decided to film there. With its ancient ruins, temples, broken walls and Roman cellar’s, you’ll feel like you have walked back into the Roman era. A definite must-see.

If you haven’t picked out your next vacation destination yet…make it Croatia. With history, beauty and fun, Croatia is the best kinds of vacation rolled into one. So why not take a trip over to Europe?



Las Vegas Casino Tropicana Hungary

There are two Las Vegas Casinos in Budapest; the Tropicana is the larger of the two. It’s one of the most secure casinos you could possibly try to get into! You aren’t just required to show some photo ID, such as a driving license, to show proof of age. Instead, you need a passport showing that your citizenship before having your photo taken and an ID card made for you while you’re left to fill in some forms to become a casino member. Once this has all been done, you may enter the casino free of charge!

The casino is large and full of a vast range of games to choose from, but it is very rarely rammed full of visitors; probably due in part to the level of difficulty it takes to get in! However, fewer people in the casino means you’re more likely to get to play whatever games you like, and you’ll also find that the staff are more attentive and on the ball as a result of this too. There are also plenty of lovely casino cocktails and food on offer.

In comparison to a lot of other casinos, Las Vegas Casino Tropicana is a little on the basic side. It offers the standard casino games in the standard format- there isn’t anything different or unique about them, no personal touches added by Las Vegas Casino. However, one massive advantage to the casino is that it’s open for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can pop into the casino whenever you like for a game, be that after breakfast on a lads holiday or in the evening for a sophisticated night of gambling, 007 style!

Located in the center of the city of Budapest, the casino sees a lot of regular faces and also a lot of tourists too- particularly because it is available 24/7. It’s location is good, though, as it means it’s highly accessible and you can use public transport to get there, meaning that if you choose to have a drink or two while you play, you don’t need to worry about getting home safely.


Best Online Casinos to Play in Europe

There’s an endless number of online casinos that you can choose from when you feel like gambling from the comfort of your own home; but which online casinos will offer you the greatest gambling experience? Which ones have the most to offer? The best bonuses? You could opt for one that’s very obviously targeted towards European customers such as EUCasino or for something totally different. Here’re are best online casinos available to play on in Europe.

888 Casino

Developed in 1997, 888 Casino is one of the most popular European online casinos to play on. Everything about the site is more than a little appealing, from the sign-up bonus of £100 to high quality of the games it provides to its players. You might view the fact that there isn’t a huge range of games to choose from a negative aspect to the site, but the games on there are all top of the range and, as previously mentioned, of a very high quality, and so this more than makes up for it. They do offer a Live Casino and have a progressive jackpot too, so 888 Casino is definitely a site that will keep you coming back for more!

Vera and John

They call themselves the best thing since sliced bread - and we have a feeling they could be right. Vera and John is an online casino based in Sweden with a huge European audience, competing with the likes of BetVictor. With nearly 600 slot games and dozens of table games (plus a live casino), there’s no shortage of things to do on the Vera&John website. You’ll also get loyalty points for doing something as simple as logging in every day, which you can then exchange for free spins, free coins, and awesome bonus offers.


Bet365 is definitely one of the best online casinos available in Europe, and if it were available in the States, it would probably be one of the best there too! The site has so much to give to its players; great customer support 24/7, every day of the year, a secure wallet system to simplify withdrawals and deposits, large quantities of huge bonuses on a regular basis as well as over 200 games to choose from that are available in both desktop and mobile browsers. You really couldn’t ask for much more from the site!

Ladbrokes is one of the most respected bookmakers and online casinos in the whole of Europe, with a reputation like no one else. They operate gambling services in their stores, via the internet on both desktops and laptops and via telephone calls too, serving well over 1 million customers. They have an enormous physical presence at several sporting events, such as Ascot, and their online presence is just as strong. With a vast range of games, as well as live streaming several sporting events too, the only downside that can be found on the site is the lack of football live stream, which really isn’t much to complain about.

Spin Palace Casino

Spin Palace Casino is a very popular online casino thanks in part to its brilliant range of games and it’s different promotions and benefits too. There are over 600 games available on the desktop version of the site, and over 200 available on the mobile version of the site. The bonuses on the site are incredibly generous, and over $5 million is paid out to players every single day, which is an astonishingly large amount of money.

Ruby Fortune

An online casino with a great track record and excellent reputation within the gambling community is Ruby Fortune. Operating since 2003, the site believes in making gambling fun, fair easy and safe for all players. There are over 450 games available to choose from, and 300 of these are also available in a mobile format so that you can play anytime, anywhere. There’s also a loyalty program that runs within the site, so there’s the chance to win special prizes and bonuses simply for being a Ruby Fortune member of the site.